A powerful brand identity, proven concept, competitively priced start-up costs, refreshed menu every week, consistently delivering great products with exceptional service, comprehensive training programs, innovative marketing and hands-on operational support are just a few of the reasons COAL BARBECUES franchise holds a dominant position in the barbecue and buffet restaurant segment.

COAL BARBECUES is on a mission to deliver the very best quality ‘bbq & buffet’ experience imaginable – exceeding guest expectations at every location, every visit, every single day!

From its humble beginnings with a medium sized restaurant at Velachery, Chennai in December 2015, COAL BARBECUES has taken the buffet restaurant segment in Chennai by storm. Today, Coal Barbecues brand is undeniably and powerfully differentiated from the rest of the barbecue cum buffet restaurants – consistently exceeding guest expectations by delivering truly exceptional and distinctive offerings using only the freshest, highest quality ingredients.

Recognizing the evolution of the Coal Barbecues experience requires like-minded individuals who share our commitment to quality, we are now offering Coal Barbecues franchise ownership / partnering opportunities in all major cities in India and UAE region. To know more, get in touch with us.


Particulars Sole Franchise Model Investor & Partnership Model
Total Investment Rs. 3.5 Crores to Rs.4.5 Crores (India) Rs. 4 Crores to Rs. 4.5 Crores
Franchise Type FOCO Model - Franchise
Owned Company Operated
Completely managed and operated
by the Coal Barbecues
Franchise Fee ₹25 Lakhs ₹25 Lakhs
Royalty Fee 8% 10%
Marketing & HO Fee 2% 2%
Return on Investment 40% Plus 40% Plus
Minimum Investment - ₹50 Lakhs or Multiples of ₹50 Lakhs
Equity - 12.00% equity in the firm / franchisee,
for an investment of ₹50 lakhs

About Investor & Partnership - Franchise Model:

This is a great HALAL based Investment Opportunity for any interested investors seeking good Return on Investment, through halal and Non-Interest based set-up. This is an absolute Investment plan where one can invest and need not do any work at all. Right from basic planning, execution of the project, setting up of the restaurant, hiring and training of team members, marketing, sales, functioning of entire operations etc shall be followed and done by ‘Coal Barbecues’ team itself.

Coal Barbecues will identify a suitable and viable site to start up a ‘Single Franchise Outlet’. Coal Barbecues shall interview and select 8-10 Silent / Passive Investors and shall form a ‘Limited Liability Partnership’ firm with a unique & suitable name. Coal Barbecues will also be investing a minimum of one share (Rs.50 lakhs) to act as the Designated Partner. A franchise agreement will be executed between the new LLP firm and Coal Barbecues thereby authorizing the new LLP to function as a franchise business in the selected area. Complete business operations shall be operated and run by Coal Barbecues management and team.

An investor can invest a minimum of Rs.50 lakhs to gain 12.00% of equity for the proposed “LLP firm” that shall be set as a Franchise of Coal Barbecues in one selected area. The investor can expect annual ROI of 40% plus from his/her investment.

In this model, the investor becomes a silent investor and will not hold / have any decision-making or operating authority in the business. The whole business shall be set-up and operated by the company (Coal Barbecues) itself. The investor can sit back, relax and enjoy his time, while the company will take care of all the hard work.

The profits shall be distributed to investors as per their equity holding percentage in half-yearly terms, after paying off its taxes. A minimal portion of the profits shall be kept within the business for future working capital requirements. As per the present income tax rules, since the profits received by the investor from the LLP is already taxed and paid, the investor need not pay any further tax for this income. This will be an added advantage for the investor investing in an LLP than a Private Limited Company.

Thank you for your interest in owning and operating a COAL BARBECUES franchise. Please note that we have tremendous respect for the entrepreneurial spirit and while previous restaurant experience has certain advantages, it is not an absolute or mandatory requirement. Also, the total cost to develop a location depends on a variety of factors and varies from restaurant to restaurant and so the minimum amount for a down payment will vary. Generally, we require a minimum of Rs.3.5 Crores to Rs.4.5 Crores (for India) of non-borrowed personal resources to consider you for a franchise.